We're enjoying taking a break from our sorting and packing to enjoy a Honeybell.  My parents were gracious enough to share the Honeybells with us this year.  (You would know just how big a sacrifice  this is if you knew how good these fruits are - the brochure that came with the box said you could be a "hero" if you chose to share a Honeybell with a friend.  In their words, "After you bite into your first juicy Cushman Honeybell, you'll be tempted to hide the box, say nothing to anyone and keep them all for yourself.  But...think of the smiles of wonder and delight; the adoration and undying gratitude of your family, friends, and neighbors if you share [only a few, of course]."  I decided I'd share with my sweet hubby!) [Side note: I LOVE Cushman's humor in marketing!  They're great!)  This was Brandon's first Honeybell experience, and I'm proud to say, he managed to stay fairly sticky-less depsite the juicy-ness Honeybells are famed for.  His verdict, "Good."  Yup, that's my hubby, a man of many words.  hehehe

We're down to less than three weeks til we jet off to Japan.  Be thinking of us next week as we pack up our things and ship them on ahead of us!  Should be an adventure in and of itself!  Happy thoughts! 




We had a wonderful trip back to PA for Christmas with my family!  Got to see a bunch of people and take care of some odds and ends before we leave for Japan.  It was so nice getting to spend time with everyone, though it was a whirlwind trip.  It was a bit odd saying goodbye to everyone and saying I'd see them next Christmas...

Continued with the whirlwind trend when we got back to Omaha.  Had a wonderful Christmas celebration with some of Brandon's family.  Everyone has been so nice and welcoming to me. 

Overall, we had a very merry Christmas this year - our first Christmas together!  Looking forward to many, many more to come!!!



I should be packing right now...

I just wanted to throw out a quick test message to see how it would look in both WorldNomads and Facebook.  While my wonderful wife sits next to me uploading photos for you all to see.

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