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Ginza for dinner…


On our last night in Tokyo, we decided to head down to Ginza to see if their themed Alice in Wonderland café happened to have any available tables.  When we saw that everyone was out and about, not to mention, the roads were blocked off to traffic and pedestrians were walking in the streets, we knew our chances were about nil.  We stopped by anyway and peeked in.  Looked awesome from the little look we got.  We’ll make reservations next time we’re in Tokyo.

Ginza was quite the happening place that evening.  I snapped a photo as we walked by this parked car.  (Your guess is as good as mine, but we thought it was funny.)


I loved the storefront of this famous store!  Quite beautiful!


As Ginza was noticeably busy, we ended up giving up the restaurant search and headed back to the Metro to try somewhere else.  On our way to the station, we found a Sapporo Lion Beer Hall that brought back happy memories of our trip to Sapporo.  Alas, it too was full. 

But what to our wondering eyes did appear…this sign inside the Metro station.


Oh yeah, and they still had open tables! 


Did we mention the Ginza Lion was celebrating its 100 year anniversary, so everything was very festive?


Brandon was thrilled to have his Dark Yebisu again.  We have a very, very difficult time finding dark beer on Okinawa.  Plenty of varieties of light beers, but not dark.



I misunderstood what Brandon wanted for dinner and wound up ordering him the wrong dish.  What could have been a catastrophic accident for a picky eater like myself, my sweet hubby turned into an adventure.


I ordered him the special anniversary sampler platter.  Not quite the noodle dish he had requested.


But he assures me he enjoyed several of the mini dishes.  Especially the smoked salmon and prosciutto!


His dinner made for pretty pictures.  We especially like how the photo of his breaded octopus turned out!


As for me, I had fish n chips.


All in all, a great end to an amazingly successful action figure hunting day.  (The Mandarake resale shop in Akihabara had an amazing selection of Star Wars, Star Trek, and even a DeLorean model from Back to the Future!!!  We’ll definitely try that shop again next time!  And as we backpacked for this trip, we were both able to take home a big box of collectibles as our “suitcase!”  Worked out great!) 

So, if you find yourself in Tokyo and the Ginza Lion Beer Hall on the main street in Ginza is packed and you’re still hankering for a good, cold mug of dark Yebisu, we’d highly recommend visiting the Ginza Lion in the Ginza Metro Station.  Bottoms up!


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Reader Comments (2)

Brandon, just the way you hold that dark ale makes it look inviting. Save a pint for me!

December 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDad Smith

We went there too! the food in your pics looks very good!
That car is funny lol

December 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMegu

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