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Light Bright…or Light Box!


(This is part of my “catching up on the past” series.)

We’ve been meaning to make our own light box for quite some time now.  I came across this tutorial a while back and thought we’d give it a try.


We took an old box we had in the closet and cut panels out of four sides so it can be used it in “portrait mode” or “landscape.”  Then, covered the panels with white tissue paper.  We cut two pieces of white poster board- one portrait and one landscape.  And I already had two lamps from my college days that worked perfectly for the side lights.  Place some sci-fi memorabilia inside, and presto!


Awesome photo that looks professional!


Let’s see that process one more time, shall we?  Insert Optimus Prime and…


…take photos you can use for insurance purposes, making cards, selling items on the internet (no, folks, no worries, this is NOT the reason I wanted a light box), or for keeping track of your growing sci-fi collection in a fun, artsy way.




And the best thing?  We didn’t have to purchase any of the supplies besides the poster board!  After you finish snapping photos for the day, you simply slice the tape at the back and the light box stores flat.  (I may look into creating a different type of clasp in the future, but for now, the tape method works just fine.)  Looking forward to playing with the photos for crafty purposes (and a collection database) in the future!

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Reader Comments (1)

You have insurance on your action figures? Wow! If you're taking pics of your valuables Arielle, I think you'll need a MUCH bigger box. Brandon won't possibly fit in there!

January 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAmy

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