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Last Day in Hong Kong–Nov 2011


Remember how we said we ended up walking over 2 miles on Hong Kong Island in search of the Bruce Lee statue, only to realize that it was actually located in Kowloon?  On our last day in Hong Kong, we spent the morning visiting the Avenue of Stars.


Brandon found the hand prints of Jackie Chan.


We were the only people on the Avenue when we first got there.  By the time we walked the length of it (beautiful by the water!), it was a more reasonable hour and people were out and about.


Finally – the ever elusive statue of Bruce Lee!!!

We spent the late morning walking towards a section of Kowloon that Brandon had mapped out some action figure hunting spots.  The window and building front Christmas displays were so much fun to see along our hike!


For lunch, we stopped at McDonald’s.  I know, I know, but we wanted to see what their country’s special item was!  The Sweet Taro Pie was indeed a “purple delight in a golden shell!”


Similar to McD’s apple pie, the Sweet Taro Pie had the same flaky shell.  The inside looked reminiscent to our beni-imo, but wasn’t as flavorful.  Sweet and tasty.


We decided to take a walk through one of the famous outdoor street markets on our northward walk.  Again, we hit it at just the right time and it wasn’t busy…until we got to the middle and oh my, I think everyone in Hong Kong descended on our street.  Crowded doesn’t begin to describe it.  I was so incredibly ready to get out of there!


Hello Kitty was a familiar sight!


And I can’t say I’d seen shoes marketed by (or perhaps to?) Vulcans before.  hehehe  I’m sure they weren’t actual Vulcans, but that’s what we both thought as soon as we saw the posters!


We were able to find a couple tiny toy shops, and picked up a few items, but most of the shops on our maps were closed until night time.  We did walk through some very interesting buildings that seemed to be old dormitories-turned-office-space, several floors of tiny shops (if they were open, one of us could have stuck our head in and requested the owner hand us action figures to look at, but there was no actually walking inside the “store”), and a few stores in buildings that had a lot of empty storefronts and only a handful of functioning stores.  It was quite the adventure and experience.

On the way back south, we stopped at a shopping mall to kill some time before we went for Brandon’s last fitting appointment for his new suit.  Neither of us was looking for anything in particular, so we had a blast checking out all the Christmas decorations.

Brandon got to ride in Santa’s sleigh.  Hope he made sure the elves packed lots of action figures for us!


Downstairs, we found the “Present make-up” display.  Gotta love that British-English influence!


I worked with the elves wrapping gifts.


Check out that almost 2 story Santa with his Wish Generator!  The dry ice he breathed was a nice touch!


After all that wandering around and photo taking, Brandon was ready for a break on a strange orange bubble seat we found.


On our way out, I found some more elf friends!


For dinner, we took the ferry across to Hong Kong Island to our favorite Hard Rock Café.  (And it’s still our favorite Hard Rock experience so far as of 2013!)  The staff was energetic and fun and the food was great!


We said farewell to the beautifully lit skyline on our ferry back to Kowloon.




What a wonderful trip to Hong Kong we had!  From exploring to Disneyland to finally finding the statue of Bruce Lee, we had so much fun and made so many happy memories!  Definitely a trip to remember!

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Reader Comments (2)

Santa apears to be riding one of the Brammo Enertia motorcycles I've read about. Who knew he used that to pull his sleigh? Proof positive that Santa is jolly AND modern! I'm a little concerned about his smoking habit, and those poor, unemployed reindeer, of course. The Bruce Lee statue is impressive, the Vulcan-style Mirabelle ad is eye-catching, the taro pie looks yummy and the sci-fi Hello Kitty statues are so much cool, as Little Ricky says. You "kids" have had so many amazing adventures throughout Asia! It's nice to watch you living "Happily Ever After"! Missing you both...
Mom Smith

February 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSherry Smith

Arielle, I know why you wanted your picture taken with those elves. FINALLY you're taller than someone else! ;)
Also, why would the shops be closed until night? Was it someone's "second job"?
I'm really disappointed you didn't include a picture of Brandon in his suit!! Or have you already and I missed it??
Looking forward to your next posting! :D

February 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAmy

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