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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Clones!

Someone’s “Too Hot!”


But he has a critic up above who disagrees.


We had a very happy Valentine’s Day here on Okinawa!  I made sugar cookies covered in Valentine’s sprinkles my wonderful mother-in-law sent me.  Sky Housing, Torii Post Office, Torii Military Police office, and Torii Library were the happy recipients.


I found the “Swedish-born Lace” at the 100-Yen and thought it added a bit of charm to the cookie plates.  Sure do love those stores!  (Those are Hershey chocolate hearts on top of some of the cookies, just in case you were wondering.)


I decided to do “easy” cookies for Valentine’s Day this year, as I had already spent hours piping fancy cookies this past weekend for a baby shower.  (I’ll post photos of those in the near future!)  Sometimes it’s just fun to do mass quantities of quick, tasty cookies to make people smile.  I keep reminding myself they don’t always have to be show-stopper cookies for people to enjoy them.

And check out the fun that my sweetie gave me!  Brandon got the Portal (video game) card from www.epbot.com (we love Jen and John!) and was so peached to be presenting me with Thor’s Hammer earrings on Valentine’s Day that just happened to fall on “Thor’s Day” (a.k.a. Thursday!) DSC08461

I made Brandon a Gears of War (video game we’ve been enjoying playing for quite some time now) card and got him some Star Wars figures to display on his work desk. We make sure a great geeky pair – love that he and I truly can be “different together!”

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Reader Comments (2)

The clones' word play made me laugh! Very clever, you are. No doubt everyone who received your cookies was peached to be on the receiving end, and I'm glad you gave yourself a bit of a break from the time-consuming, fancy work. I look forward to seeing the baby shower photos soon! And yes, you two "kids" are geeky and sweet and beautiful-suited to one another; who else would buy Thor hammer earrings for his wife? And how many wives out there would be excited to get Thor hammer earrings for Valentine's Day? Can I see a show of hands, please? :-) Perfect together, my two favorite geeks!
Love you both,
Mom Smith

February 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMom Smith

Love the clones Valentines! So cute! I love the cookies too, they look great even if you didn't spend hours on them! Too cute!

March 4, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCambria

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