Mini Panda Cupcakes


I saw these adorable mini cupcake pandas on my favorite sweets baker – Bakerella’s – website and knew I had to make them!  After all, pandas and Asia tend to go hand in hand.  And didn’t they turn out so cute!

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Solar Eclipse


There was a lot of cloud cover Monday morning, but we were happy to see the solar eclipse peek through a few times.

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Sword of the Far East


In March we had the wonderful opportunity to see our favorite Okinawa Rock Violinist, Ayasa, perform at Mod’s Live House in American Village.  We were first introduced to Ayasa’s music at a free summer concert in American Village back in 2009, when she was working on her “Aria Asia” project. 

This year she has been working on her new project entitled, “Sword of the Far East.”  When we found out she was going to be in our area again, we jumped at the chance to see her perform.  We were shocked to see signs saying that the concert was sold out when we arrived an hour early.  We were so close!  I walked over to the gentleman attending the merchandise booth outside of the club and with a lot of smiling and halted Japanese, managed to ask if the concert really was sold out.  I think he took pity on me and my 6’6” hubby and he got us in.  Pretty cool!

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Stitch Kindle Sleeve


My sweetie needed a sleeve for his Kindle to protect it when he carries it in his Indiana Jones’ bag.  I found this adorable Stitch quilted fabric a few months ago and thought it would be perfect!

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The Running Dead–Zombie 5K


Brandon and I ran in “The Running Dead,” a Zombie 5K and obstacle course on Kadena AFB, Friday evening.  When we heard 5K and zombies, we were both in!

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