Hong Kong Disney: Part I

HKD Welcome Mickey

Good morning, Hong Kong Disneyland!  So happy to be here!

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Exploring Hong Kong Island

Guess where we ate our first late lunch in Hong Kong?!


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Touring Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Waterfront

While we were planning our trip to Hong Kong, we decided to schedule a 1/2 day tour so we would be sure to see a few of the more typical sites.  We had be assured that public transportation was cheap and easy, but sometimes when you’re traveling, it’s nice to be able to just jump on and off the bus without having to worry about how to get where you’re going and where you’re going to next. 

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Hong Kong–Nov 2011


(This is part of my “catching up on the past” series.)

Anyone who has traveled with us knows that traveling with Brandon and Arielle tends to be quite the interesting experience.  It can be interesting in the “I got chosen out of an entire audience to perform with Stitch” and it can be interesting in the “How are we getting from the airport to the hotel late at night?  Let’s look at the map.  Map?  What map?!”  But travel with us usually tends to be a mix of the two extremes and we are always guaranteed to have lots of fun!

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Light Bright…or Light Box!


(This is part of my “catching up on the past” series.)

We’ve been meaning to make our own light box for quite some time now.  I came across this tutorial a while back and thought we’d give it a try.

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